The undisputed and hidden benefit of Medicare Supplement Insurance

The undisputed and hidden benefit of Medicare Supplement Insurance

Whenever the term “Medicare Supplement Plan” is mentioned, what first comes to your mind? If you will be honest with yourself, the first thing that will come to your mind will be “premium”. First, you have the monthly premium of the Medigap plan to manage: “Money”. Having quality protection does not come easy. Meanwhile, we must have coverage so as not to be trapped in “financial” commitments. Given the prevailing economic condition in the country and our culture, it is advisable to focus on the financial impact of Medicare Supplemental Insurance on the costs and benefits that come to mind first. Although the importance of “money” in your Medicare insurance decisions cannot be denied, it is beneficial to have additional insurance that is as important, if not more important, but often completely neglected. I’m talking about access to care and the quality of care. The ability to pay or test the credit value of an insurance card is the key to the world of quality care.Now you can assume that providers must offer treatment, regardless of the patient’s ability to pay. This is a false and potentially dangerous and false impression. The reality is that no hospital can refuse treatment or administer inadequate treatment to a patient based on their ability to pay, assuming that the patient has a medical emergency, has the right not to treat an insured patient who does not have an emergency. When a patient is determined to deal with a medical emergency, he must be stabilized. That is all. According to Nolo’s English dictionary, urgency is defined as follows: “A sudden and unpredictable event that requires action to guarantee the protection of life …”

Think for a moment what it really means. If you are in a hospital, you must be assisted by your health professional, regardless of your ability to pay for it. If it is proven that your life is in danger, your conditions will be stabilized until you are able to regain consciousness. Now, what will happen if you do not have an urgent medical situation? What will happen if your situation is chronic, long-term, rather than “unexpected or sudden”? Then, when you consider the notes that you are spending or are already going through in a public health plan, you are not just considering how the plan will pay your bills when you need them. Remember that Original Medicare, combined with a quality integration plan, guarantees your access to the best available health care, which will have short and long term consequences for your health and the quality of life that you like. Please keep in mind that the 2020 Medicare Supplement Plans from that meets your needs may not be the same as the plan, you are your friend and family. Both insurance decisions for over 65 years, benefit plans and supplementation plans offer benefits. If, however, you qualify clinically and can afford a supplemental Medicare plan, it is generally a better option for comprehensive insurance for the elderly.

5 options to invest in your retirement and have a good pension:

5 options to invest in your retirement and have a good pension:

At every stage of life, there is a financial challenge. However, it is important to always think about your retirement, which will guarantee you a full old age. It is, therefore, necessary to take these tips into account which if considered in time can contribute to keeping you happy, healthy and carefree enjoying what the last stage of your life represents. If you want to have a good pension, it is best to think about building an investment plan for your retirement. We give you some options. The most far-sighted at the time of retirement have their pension plan or fund to enjoy in this new stage of their life. These specific financial products at the time of retirement can be recovered in different ways depending on the specific conditions. It is important that you explore all the possibilities and choose the one that best suits your case. If you already have savings, the first step is to know the different investment products that exist in the financial market and advise you with a specialist such as an independent investment adviser that is certified by the authorities or with a stockbroker.

Below we list several options:

  1. Investment plans with life insurance:

The insurers sell it, this instrument discounts a monthly amount from your bank account and there are options that go from little amount per month.

  1. Personal retirement plans:

It is offered by almost all financial institutions and like the investment plan with insurance, it is tax deductible.

  1. Investment funds:

This instrument will charge you a commission, and you can buy and sell it whenever you want.

  1. Open an account in a brokerage house:

If you take this option, when you do it, you will build a portfolio according to your profile.

  1. Buy a property:

The most common thing is for a retired person to arrive at this point of his life without mortgage burdens, unless he has invested in a second residence in recent years, for example with the precise idea of changing his place of residence at the time of retirement. Selling the habitual residence and buying another house that generates less expense is also a good idea. In this way, if you want to keep saving and do not need to rescue your entire pension plan when you retire, a simple and quick way to continue profiting from your savings is to enjoy the plan in the form of monthly rents that will complete your monthly income. While your money stays in the fund, it continues to generate interest and, therefore, benefits.



Travelling is considered a hobby for so many retirees as this seems to be the period when they get to visit their loved ones, see exotic places they craved for years and also meet new people and socialize. As entertaining as it can be, it could also pose a very high threat if safety considerations are not made. Some horrifying stories have been heard about people being robbed of their belongings and pin – pointed as targets while travelling, some have also been badly wounded while trying to wrestle with engaging robbers. If the proper measures are taken for protection while travelling, most of these security issues will be avoidable. Armed bandits and pickpockets are known to view older people as easy targets and so if precautions are not taken, they become the first set of victims to be dispossessed of their belongings. Safety precautions and suggestions can help prevent such occurrences, such as knowledge and skills which are listed below:

  • Sensitivity and alertness towards the environment: You should never get distracted as a tourist, this makes you an easy target for the pickpockets.
  • Don’t wear expensive jewelries, it’s a vacation and not a fashion fair. This makes you a prime target for robbers. Wearing expensive shoes and accessories makes you easily identified as a tourist and this gives a clear invite to the robbers who has every intention of dispossessing you of such items.
  • Don’t travel around at night; security is less guaranteed in some areas at night due to visibility. Hoodlums might use the cover of darkness to execute their mischievous plans so it is better to always stay indoors at night.
  • Always consider having with you at all times a dummy wallet, have some spare cash in it. If you eventually have an unfortunate confrontation with any mischievous personality, you can quickly hand over the dummy wallet on request to avoid any more problems.
  • At all times , have with you a means of identification and the contact details of your nation’s embassy or any other country’s embassy that may be of assistance in case you have issues in a foreign land.
  • While leaving your apartment, always look sharp and have a clear understanding of your destination’s route and if possible an alternative route. Get a map, asking for directions with a map is much easier than verbally in a foreign language, have your routes clearly marked in the map.
  • Don’t always travel alone, if you have to, notify people at home or in your hotel of your current position intermittently.

It is wise to be vigilant at all times, this will keep you safe form all harms while on a tour.

Advantage plans help in justifying Medicare

Advantage plans help in justifying Medicare

Many retirees over 65 have sought greater economic flexibility than those who were fired while trying to save money. This makes seniors a popular market for many industries. In fact, current marketing for seniors is the fastest growing segment of marketing. In contrast, Medicare is one of the biggest marketing failures that can lead to complications and serious harm to people over 65 years of age. With 2 deductibles, multiple parts, partial insurance (only 80%) for medical services, sometimes no insurance (like when traveling outside the US) and no compensation when doctors impose a Medicare payment, Medicare can be a key element. hive of contradictions. How do seniors plan and calculate the cost of health care? In fact, people under 65 and 65 years old often find that Medicare is unclear and some are confused. This is an unfortunate comment on “the information age”, for which we have not explained health insurance, so that many older people can anticipate the health costs and political costs estimated in result.

Medicare Assistance Policies Help Translate Medicare Insurance

Private insurers who market Advantage insurance must at least partially explain to Medicare that they must demonstrate their policies to protect seniors from all health care costs that Medicare does not cover. For many people, private insurers are discussing Medicare in a more understandable and straightforward manner to give older adults a better overall understanding of the areas in which the failings of Medicare endanger them. The risk is real because too many medical bills and hospitals consume retirement policies and force seniors to lower their standard of living. The costs of medical care can be of paramount importance to many older people as their medical needs increase with age and the cost of medical care is increasingly unmanageable.

A Medicare supplement can reduce the medical costs of seniors. With existing Medicare benefits at risk (Medicare has extended beyond eight years), baby boomers and seniors are exploring alternatives such as 2019 Medicare Advantage plans and Medicare Care.  In light of the new health laws, Advantage policies are beginning to lose their benefits. These policies are expected to become more expensive with the reduction of government subsidies. Advantage insurance, often referred to as Medicare supplemental insurance, is a valuable alternative. With 10 different policies, each of them fills the gaps in Medicare in a slightly different way, leaving seniors free to choose only the benefits they need without paying extra. The Advantage policies cover the Medicare deductibles for parts A and B to make the visit to the doctor more convenient and, if necessary, to go to the hospital. These policies can also cover Medicare co-insurance and insurance costs and some policies extend Medicare coverage to services that go beyond Medicare Original, such as emergency medical assistance if you’re not in the country.  The confusion surrounding Medicare has not prepared older people for the costs of medical care. Although millions of people are currently enrolling in Medicare to pay for medical care, many remain vulnerable because they do not understand the complexity of the Medicare system.

Quality of Medicare Care

The Medicare Advantage program was introduced by the Medicare Modernization Act 2003. This array of plans help seniors and those people with a disability to have health insurance from separate insurance companies. These Medicare Advantage plans are supposed to have the same benefits that Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B offer. Medicare Part A takes care of hospital expenses and Medicare Part B takes care of physician visits and medical tests. Some Medicare Advantage plans will also cover prescription drugs. They may also be known as Medicare Part C. The Medicare Advantage plans cover Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B and also Medicare Part D. Medicare Advantage plans have become very popular and about 25% of Medicare recipients have enrolled in them. From the first time they were offered, Medicare Advantage plans have doubled their recipients and are increasing every year. Recipients of Medicare Advantage plans have been able to expand on the traditional Medicare benefits. Since Medicare advantage plans started, there has been much discussion about the quality of care a senior would get.

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Medicare Advantage plans have shown to offer higher quality of care according to Niall Brennan, the acting director of the Office of Policy for Medicare and Medicaid services and Mark Sheppard of economics at Harvard University likened to Medicare fee for service plans for health care facility and the health care one receives from physicians. Medicare Advantage plans came into fruition years ago and Brennan and Shepard took 11 measurements to determine the underuse of effective care. Medicare Advantage plans were seen to be better than fee for service plans in 9 of the instances. Not just important to health care, only a few of the fee for service plans were better. Another study by the America’s Health Insurance Plans using Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set measurements showed good improvements for those who had diabetes and heart disease who had the Medicare Advantage plan. There were less hospital readmissions for diabetics and less days spent in the hospital of those who had Medicare Advantage plans than those who had fee for service Medicare. One needs to look carefully at all the Medicare plans available. There is so much to consider and what you may wish to have your plan cover. You can go on the website to see what plans are offered and what medical issues will be taken care of.

Medicare supplement plan has a limited coverage?

Limited coverage can be discussed in terms of geographic coverage and in terms of service coverage. It is important to check the coverage factor before choosing a Medicare supplement insurance plans. Some of the private companies offering medigap services have a limiting factor that is stated in their policy. This limitation is basically the issue of coverage. Let’s start with geographic coverage and see what it is all about because it is one of the factors to check in a policy that is being offered by the private insurance company of your choice. For rates on a Cigna Medicare supplement visit

cigna medicare supplementGeographic coverage limits is basically explained in terms of health insurance service companies limiting their services to a specific geographic location. The geographic limitations can be in terms of regions, states and even district. For instance some of the companies offering medigap plans, can only offer services as long as you are within some stated states of the extensive United States of America. Another good example, is that in Africa, some health insurance companies will strictly operate and offer services as long as you are within East Africa. What does this element of geographical coverage mean? It means that you can’t enjoy the services offered by a company that does not cover your region or location.

To solve the issue of Medicare supplement plan coverage limitations, the best thing to do is to research and look for those companies that are willing and have extensive coverage. For instance, if you are in the United States, look for a company covers more states including the state in which you are at the moment. This will assure you that you will be eligible to taking a Medicare plan and enjoy the benefits associated with them.

There is also the limitation that arises from age-factor limitation. Most insurance companies will limit the age in which one is eligible to enroll in one or more plans. For instance with Medicare, you stand to benefit a lot if you are 65 years and above because this is the age that has been stipulated in the policy plan. With this idea in mind, if you are younger or older than 65, it means that you might not be covered effectively as you would have wished. With that to do away with this limitation, look for a company that will cover you regardless of your age and location.


Things to consider while switching Medigap policy.

There might be several reasons for a change in the current policy. It may be related to the amount of cost incurred on a particular policy and a person might look for a less expensive policy. It may be related to uncovered benefits or extra benefits being covered under the current plan. It may also be that the plan is too old and might need renewal or change. Be it any reason, there are a number of things that an individual should keep in mind while switching the Medicare supplement plans.

Important things to know about switching to a 2019 Medicare supplement plans and policy can help absorb the extra medical bill costs:

  • Medigap policies cannot be switched normally under Federal law unless the open enrollment period is still in going on or the person is eligible for the guaranteed issue right, also known as the “Medigap protections”.
  • In case the open enrollment period is over while you are seeking change in Medigap policy than the insurance company might ask questions related to medical history which otherwise is not done and may also lead to a higher premium for the same Medicare supplement plans that would have been opted for in the enrollment period.
  • There is no minimum amount of time necessary to wait for the change in any Medigap policy for the first time after its purchase.
  • After switching the policies, it might happen that there is a six-month time gap before the costs for pre-existing conditions are included within the bracket of the current policy plan.
  • Medicare supplement plan and Medicare Advantage plan are mutually exclusive. It is illegal for insurance companies to sell both of the plans to the same person.

How to switch?

If the criteria of the six month enrollment period or guaranteed issue rights are met than anyone can go for a switch in the Medicare supplement plans. Once decided, you should call the new insurance provider if decided to go with another insurer, and ask about that policy and apply for it. Once the application is accepted, you can call the old insurance provider to end your coverage.

What happens after switching policies?

After the successful switch between the Medicare supplement plans, there is a 30 day period which allows the insured to decide if they still want to keep the plan. This period is known as the free-look period which begins as soon as you get the new Medigap policy. It is advisable to keep the old plan till you are satisfied with the current policy.

Free Apps for Seniors to Stay Connected

In the age of the internet, it’s easy to get lost in the craze of new technology and the latest apps that the “cool kids” are using these days. A few of them, however, are proving to be staples for staying connected and won’t fade away with time. If you want to stay up to date with your family’s younger generations and all the wonderful things they’re posting on the internet, try these free apps.


The biggest and easiest one to know is Facebook. This helps you stay connected to friends and family across the globe simply by setting up a profile about yourself and your interests. With a picture of yourself and some quick facts about your work, life, and education, people can search for you and become “friends” online. This is perfect for finding long lost friends or keeping in touch with family that don’t live near you.

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You can join groups dedicated to specific interests you might have, or follow companies you might be interested in staying up to date on. There’s a wealth of information companies post on Facebook, you can even research Medicare supplement plans from private health insurers. You can network with people around the globe based on these common interests and make new friends you wouldn’t have met otherwise. Facebook is also a great place to upload photos you’ve taken of your travels or hobbies, and share them with your friends and family.


Instagram is a photo sharing app that is owned by Facebook so you know it’s well designed and trusted. You also create a profile for yourself here and can connect with friends, family, or random people or companies whose photos you like or want to “follow” on a daily basis.


Unlike Facebook, which is an all around “post anything you want” kind of app, Instagram is strictly for photos. The app has built in photo enhancement “filters” to make the photos you post look even nicer and more professional, even if they were only taken on a smartphone or low quality digital camera.

medicare advantage in 2019


Twitter is another popular one meant for people to “tweet” short messages out into the world where their followers can stay up to date on what they’re doing, thinking about, or interested in. You can choose to tweet your thoughts or simply follow those of people you’re interested in.


Companies, celebrities, influencers, and politicians can be found on Twitter, along with the general population. This is the best way to stay knowledgeable on current events practically in real time, and following what all of your favorite celebrities are doing as they tweet about it.

Medicare Supplement- the best plan for everyone

Besides looking after all your medical requirements, some people are still unsuccessful in keeping a record of all the medical supplies and the important prescriptions. The major problem that occurs is in the task of organizing the medical prescriptions .Usually people end up making errors in that, which leads to many problems. This problem is solved by Humana Medicare advantage, they not only solve the problem of reorganizing but besides that they also solve the other major problems like consulting better specialist for treatment and medicines. Old people can get a lot of supplement from this plan.

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Features of the plan

The best feature of this plan so far is the gold plus health maintenance plan. The only thing one needs to keep in mind while applying for this scheme is that they have to remain within the area of the scheme for taking the supplement of this plan. This plan is particularly for people who are suffering from a particular deadly disease. In that case they need to visit specialists or take extra care of themselves. All these advantages are given by this scheme, they also help you to get permission from their general physician.

Next remarkable feature of this plan we should definitely discuss is the Gold choice private fee for service plan.  In order to enjoy this plan the patient just needs to agree with all the terms and conditions of this plan. After the patient has done the required  work, he/she can enjoy the facilities. This scheme has got extra benefits because  helps their customers in case of emergencies as well. The emergency care is not only provided by the people with whom they have accepted the terms and conditions , but also from those providers with whom you have not signed the bond.

The last feature which makes this plan extra special is the benefits one get if they apply for Medicare  supplement plans along with this plan. In that case  the extra cost of medicines is not paid by the customers. This is best for those people who are financially not that strong. Specially old age people can take the supplement of this plan. One thing people should keep in mind before applying is that they should go through all the features of this plan very carefully , because it will help them to find the right solution.

Better side of Medicare Supplement plan

It does not matter that whether the Part C plans such as the Aetna Medicare Supplement plans cost a lot more than the Original Medicare or a lot less similarly health the insurance Supplement schemes can become a headache for you or could turn out to be a very handsome choice. Due to all these things the senior citizens should review the health insurance Supplement schemes very carefully so that they can make a right choice because after all, it is matter of their healthcare.

Many seniors will choose a Medicare supplement plan G 2019 to avoid the large costs of medical bills.

 Better side

1) The prescription drugs

Good thing about health insurance Supplement schemes is that these plans provide coverage for prescription drug in form of Medicare prescription drug plans. On other hand in Original Medicare, you will have to register with stand-alone health insurance for drug coverage. However, a problem can arise for the members if they choose a scheme but that scheme does not cover their drugs.

2)  The limit on out-of-pocket costs

Another benefit of enrolling in health insurance benefit schemes is that these plans have maximums on out-of-pocket costs, unlike Original Medicare which does not have any maximum. In health insurance Supplement schemes enrollees have to keep on paying a part of service costs whenever they use them and once they reach limit of out-of-pocket costs then plan provider provides further coverage.  According to federal law, out-of-pocket costs of health insurance Supplement schemes have a maximum of $6,700 per year.  Plan providers have option to choose a lower maximum on out-of-pocket costs.

3) Alternative to Original Medicare’s coinsurance

Health insurance Supplement plans offer alternative choice to many people so that they can save themselves from 20 percent coinsurance which is charged in Original Medicare for a lot of services.  Structure of health insurance Supplement plans is very different from Original Medicare as private insurers place a maximum on out-of-pocket costs which in turn helps us in saving money as mentioned above.

4) The additional coverage

Original Medicare does not contain any additional healthcare services whereas health insurance Supplement schemes contain additional services such as vision, hearing, and dental coverage. Furthermore, the additional healthcare services provided by Medicare Supplement plans are also known as “supplemental benefits”.

5) The increasing coverage

Medigap plans are used along with Original Medicare because Medigap plans help people to cover their coinsurances, deductibles, and out-of-pocket costs which are found in Original Medicare. Some of health insurance Supplement schemes are way more cost-effective than addition of Medigap plans to Original Medicare.