Free Apps for Seniors to Stay Connected

In the age of the internet, it’s easy to get lost in the craze of new technology and the latest apps that the “cool kids” are using these days. A few of them, however, are proving to be staples for staying connected and won’t fade away with time. If you want to stay up to date with your family’s younger generations and all the wonderful things they’re posting on the internet, try these free apps.


The biggest and easiest one to know is Facebook. This helps you stay connected to friends and family across the globe simply by setting up a profile about yourself and your interests. With a picture of yourself and some quick facts about your work, life, and education, people can search for you and become “friends” online. This is perfect for finding long lost friends or keeping in touch with family that don’t live near you.

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You can join groups dedicated to specific interests you might have, or follow companies you might be interested in staying up to date on. There’s a wealth of information companies post on Facebook, you can even research Medicare supplement plans from private health insurers. You can network with people around the globe based on these common interests and make new friends you wouldn’t have met otherwise. Facebook is also a great place to upload photos you’ve taken of your travels or hobbies, and share them with your friends and family.


Instagram is a photo sharing app that is owned by Facebook so you know it’s well designed and trusted. You also create a profile for yourself here and can connect with friends, family, or random people or companies whose photos you like or want to “follow” on a daily basis.


Unlike Facebook, which is an all around “post anything you want” kind of app, Instagram is strictly for photos. The app has built in photo enhancement “filters” to make the photos you post look even nicer and more professional, even if they were only taken on a smartphone or low quality digital camera.

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Twitter is another popular one meant for people to “tweet” short messages out into the world where their followers can stay up to date on what they’re doing, thinking about, or interested in. You can choose to tweet your thoughts or simply follow those of people you’re interested in.


Companies, celebrities, influencers, and politicians can be found on Twitter, along with the general population. This is the best way to stay knowledgeable on current events practically in real time, and following what all of your favorite celebrities are doing as they tweet about it.

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