Medicare supplement plan has a limited coverage?

Limited coverage can be discussed in terms of geographic coverage and in terms of service coverage. It is important to check the coverage factor before choosing a Medicare supplement insurance plans. Some of the private companies offering medigap services have a limiting factor that is stated in their policy. This limitation is basically the issue of coverage. Let’s start with geographic coverage and see what it is all about because it is one of the factors to check in a policy that is being offered by the private insurance company of your choice. For rates on a Cigna Medicare supplement visit

cigna medicare supplementGeographic coverage limits is basically explained in terms of health insurance service companies limiting their services to a specific geographic location. The geographic limitations can be in terms of regions, states and even district. For instance some of the companies offering medigap plans, can only offer services as long as you are within some stated states of the extensive United States of America. Another good example, is that in Africa, some health insurance companies will strictly operate and offer services as long as you are within East Africa. What does this element of geographical coverage mean? It means that you can’t enjoy the services offered by a company that does not cover your region or location.

To solve the issue of Medicare supplement plan coverage limitations, the best thing to do is to research and look for those companies that are willing and have extensive coverage. For instance, if you are in the United States, look for a company covers more states including the state in which you are at the moment. This will assure you that you will be eligible to taking a Medicare plan and enjoy the benefits associated with them.

There is also the limitation that arises from age-factor limitation. Most insurance companies will limit the age in which one is eligible to enroll in one or more plans. For instance with Medicare, you stand to benefit a lot if you are 65 years and above because this is the age that has been stipulated in the policy plan. With this idea in mind, if you are younger or older than 65, it means that you might not be covered effectively as you would have wished. With that to do away with this limitation, look for a company that will cover you regardless of your age and location.


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