Medicare supplement plan has a limited coverage?

Limited coverage can be discussed in terms of geographic coverage and in terms of service coverage. It is important to check the coverage factor before choosing a Medicare supplement insurance plans. Some of the private companies offering medigap services have a limiting factor that is stated in their policy. This limitation is basically the issue of coverage. Let’s start with geographic coverage and see what it is all about because it is one of the factors to check in a policy that is being offered by the private insurance company of your choice. For rates on a Cigna Medicare supplement visit today.

cigna medicare supplementGeographic coverage limits is basically explained in terms of health insurance service companies limiting their services to a specific geographic location. The geographic limitations can be in terms of regions, states and even district. For instance some of the companies offering medigap plans, can only offer services as long as you are within some stated states of the extensive United States of America. Another good example, is that in Africa, some health insurance companies will strictly operate and offer services as long as you are within East Africa. What does this element of geographical coverage mean? It means that you can’t enjoy the services offered by a company that does not cover your region or location.

To solve the issue of Medicare supplement plan coverage limitations, the best thing to do is to research and look for those companies that are willing and have extensive coverage. For instance, if you are in the United States, look for a company covers more states including the state in which you are at the moment. This will assure you that you will be eligible to taking a Medicare plan and enjoy the benefits associated with them.

There is also the limitation that arises from age-factor limitation. Most insurance companies will limit the age in which one is eligible to enroll in one or more plans. For instance with Medicare, you stand to benefit a lot if you are 65 years and above because this is the age that has been stipulated in the policy plan. With this idea in mind, if you are younger or older than 65, it means that you might not be covered effectively as you would have wished. With that to do away with this limitation, look for a company that will cover you regardless of your age and location.


Eligibility into Medicare Supplement plan

In every health insurance cover, everything thing depends on eligibility. Eligibility is basically based on the terms and conditions in which one must satisfy so that he/she can be allowed to benefit and contribute into the Medicare supplement plan. However, eligibility into this plan depends on the country where you are based in. For instance, in almost all the North American states, the eligibility into the Medicare supplement plan. In some states, for you to be covered, you must have attained the age of 65 years and above.

aetna medicare supplement plansThe idea of being above the age of 65 years old is based on the idea that beneficiaries at this age are prone to disabilities of various kinds. The original Medicare plan may not cover for those individuals with extreme or potential disabilities simply because this is considered and expense that is added over the normal coverage. You must be aware of the idea that Original Medicare does not pay for your medical costs that exceeds the limit stated. This is where the Medicare supplement plan comes in. At the age of 65 years and above, disability is common and while the Original Medicare may not cover it, Medicare supplement plan will cover for those expenses. Learn how to enroll in an Aetna Medicare supplement at

Secondly, you are also eligible to Medicare supplement plan if you are free from end-stage renal disease or even lateral sclerosis. This is basically because these are covered by the Original Medicare plan. You will only be eligible if you are free from this disease. But the general idea is that some states in USA does not offer medigap cover to beneficiaries under the age of 65. However, some of the states will allow this with the condition that you are free from any kind of disability. You can always check your eligibility with Medicare supplement in your country or in your state if you are based in the United States.


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Thirdly, if you need to enroll in Medicare supplement plan just to accrue drug coverage benefits, then you will be deemed ineligible simply because it does not cover for costs related to prescribed drugs costs. If you have been prescribed to buy a certain drug, then you may need to register with stand-alone Medicare and then this will act as a coinsurance alongside the medigap supplement plan. For some, they have always remained in the dark simply because they have no idea of the factors being considered for him or her to be eligible.

Quality of Medicare Care

The Medicare Advantage program was introduced by the Medicare Modernization Act 2003. This array of plans help seniors and those people with a disability to have health insurance from separate insurance companies. These Medicare Advantage plans are supposed to have the same benefits that Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B offer. Medicare Part A takes care of hospital expenses and Medicare Part B takes care of physician visits and medical tests. Some Medicare Advantage plans will also cover prescription drugs. They may also be known as Medicare Part C. The Medicare Advantage plans cover Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B and also Medicare Part D.

Medicare Advantage plans have become very popular and about 25% of Medicare recipients have enrolled in them. From the first time they were offered, Medicare Advantage plans have doubled their recipients and are increasing every year.

Recipients of Medicare Advantage plans have been able to expand on the traditional Medicare benefits. Since Medicare advantage plans started, there has been much discussion about the quality of care a senior would get.

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Medicare Advantage plans have shown to offer higher quality of care according to Niall Brennan, the acting director of the Office of Policy for Medicare and Medicaid services and Mark Sheppard of economics at Harvard University likened to Medicare fee for service plans for health care facility and the health care one receives from physicians.

Medicare Advantage plans came into fruition years ago and Brennan and Shepard took 11 measurements to determine the underuse of effective care. Medicare Advantage plans were seen to be better than fee for service plans in 9 of the instances. Not just important to health care, only a few of the fee for service plans were better.

Another study by the America’s Health Insurance Plans using Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set measurements showed good improvements for those who had diabetes and heart disease who had the Medicare Advantage plan. There were less hospital readmissions for diabetics and less days spent in the hospital of those who had Medicare Advantage plans than those who had fee for service Medicare.

One needs to look carefully at all the Medicare plans available. There is so much to consider and what you may wish to have your plan cover. You can go on the website to see what plans are offered and what medical issues will be taken care of.